My mom is very much fond of Indian sarees. She tells wearing a saree makes her feel more comfortable and confident. As rightly quoted,” A saree is not just a garment, it’s a power, an identity, a language”

My mom once wished to wear a typical Odissi saree for her best friend’s son’s wedding. She wished if she would go to Odisha and come back in an instant, but just for a saree? When the wedding date is near? Amazon was a great option, but we don’t know, is this saree originally made in Odisha?
Online shopping of garments, accessories is fun, but if we get that product from its original state with the true essence and taste of it is real fun!

To minimalize this problem, I thought of creating an app that would connect local fabric, accessories shops of any desired state from India with the users allowing them to buy or sell products to get the original taste of that state.

I decided to complete this project in 7 to 8 days. The first three days were spent on problem identification, its solution and the UX part. Then two days were spent on wireframing and the next two days on building the frames on Figma and the UI part

The target audience mostly consists of men and women especially those looking for something ethnic to wear during some special functions. Youngsters, as well as fashionistas, can also use this app

A high-level flow map shows the overview of the entire process throughout the app, without going deep into the details. The diagram below shows the high-level flow for the Local App

Wireframes are a 2-dimensional skeleton outline of the UI, and also the first step towards visually representing the solution. Below are the wireframes for Local App

To represent the royal and grandiose culture of India, I decided to have the app’s primary colour to be purple. Yellow and purple make a good combination and hence have been used. Along with these, light grey colour for the background has been used


This being my first UI/UX project, I couldn’t understand the spacing of information. With some help, I learned that information of a similar type should be grouped to make it easier for the user to read it. Not having enough knowledge about typography, a single font style “Roboto” has been used on all frames. Doing the work, again and again, recorrecting the minute errors, was so much frustrating. I learned that consistency of style makes your project look way more beautiful than before

The final result of this project made me very much satisfied than any other of my works. Though it was a very tiring and long process, I enjoyed this journey more than the result!