My First Logo Design

Quarantine Things

Hello readers!!
I’m sure everyone would have done some productive work and utilized this precious time of lockdown to do something you love.
During my quarantine period, I decided to have a spiritual perspective of life. I also tried my hands on the design field and loved it. As a newbie in design, I decided to try my hands on logo design. Since the science of spirituality is delineated through the Bhagavad Geeta, Vedas, Upanishads, and many other books, I thought of designing a publishing house logo.

The name of the most enticing and impersonal character and godhead’s supreme personality, KRISHNA, woke up in my mind, which became my publishing house’s name: Krishna Publications.

For designing this logo, I thought of following a basic logo design process.

  1. Mind Mapping

So let’s get started …

1. Mind Mapping

I commenced my work by first drawing a mind map of the word Krishna Publication.

From these words, conch shell, feather, and books were shortlisted by me as I felt that these words would represent my logo in the best possible way.

2. Idea Generation

Since this project was accompanied by lots of halts in between due to my exams midway, I lost some of the rough sketches of my logo…..sorry for that😔

Some which I could recollect are shown below

3. Bringing it all together!

Apart from the three words chosen, I added the letter K from Krishna Publication. Various simplified versions of the shortlisted terms were designed. Then, I decided upon these icons, which would blend to give my final logo.

4. Finalizing the Logo

After the final logo was fixed, I cleaned up my logo by giving final touches, and here’s the result…

Some problems faced by me:

  1. Since I was a beginner, I chose random words from the mindmap, whose result was that there was no connection between my theme and the logo. After some guidance, I selected words having some relation between them and was satisfied with them. Pls note-Proper choice of words is crucial!!!😅


Not having acquaintance with digital tools, I couldn’t make a digital one. Still, I would love to redesign this logo after learning about the digital platform. Honestly speaking, I was delighted with my first self designed logo. It taught me how we can have an organized design thinking process. I also learned about the logo design process and the documentation of work along the way. The experience was indeed an exemplary one.

Thank you for your time!